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Are sessions face to face or via Zoom?

offer both

What is the difference between counselling and psychotherapy and do you offer both? 

I offer both shorter term counselling and longer term psychotherapy.


Counselling attends to a current crisis, relationship difficulty or loss. It is usually shorter term, and will focus on issues you are facing now.

Psychotherapy is a more in depth exploration of your patterns of relating to yourself and others. It considers earlier experiences in your life, and offers the opportunity to reflect on your thoughts and feelings in the light of these.  It is useful for people who have deeper rooted difficulties or patterns of behaviour, complex or difficult family backgrounds or who want to explore their emotional world with a trained professional.


How long do I need to come for?

The length of our work will be indicated by the nature of the difficulties you are seeking help with and can be discussed as we progress.  You may come with an idea of the number of sessions you need and end up having that number, more, or fewer.  It can be difficult to reach out for help and it is important that you feel able to make decisions about what you feel you need, and discuss this with me at any stage during our work. 

What type of issues do young people bring?

Young people come with many of the same issues that adults do, but common ones are; exam stress, anxiety, relationships (personal, family and friendship), self esteem and confidence, leaving home and issues around sexuality.  I also have experience of working with self-harm.

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