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How to Fail with Elizabeth Day - new episode featuring Mo Gawdat

Elizabeth Day's How to Fail podcast series is a fascinating series of interviews with people from all sorts of different walks of life; politics, sports, literature, business. Interviewees each bring three significant failures in their lives and what they learnt from them, and there is much to enjoy here. I'm not talking schadenfraude, but an honest reminder that life isn't a bed of roses and that behind success, always lies a litany of missteps, frustrations and difficulty. If nothing else, it's astonishing how many really successful people hate driving. The two interviews with Mo Gawdat, ex Chief Business Officer of Google X, and author of the book Solve for Happy, stand out for me. The second podcast in particular, offers a warm and generous gentle nudge at this very difficult time while not diminishing how hard it is. This special episode, recorded on March 23rd, How to Fail: Mo Gawdat on how to cope with anxiety in a time of Coronavirus is worth a listen.

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